Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Customers ask me what trade
show they should go to and Atlanta and
New York are always my first suggestion.
Dallas has never been on my radar until
a year ago when AIDAN GRAY HOME
opened their first permanent showroom

I was told that the Dallas Market Center
was very interested in getting new buyers
to their show that they were offering
incentives for them to come.
Since I wanted my customers to see
the new AIDAN GRAY showroom
this sounded like something I could
get behind.  A win win for everyone.
I could not have been happier with
the Dallas Market Center with
the way they treated my customers
who were interested in taking up the offer.
I also was pleasantly surprised what
a good market it actually was.  Very
different than what I remembered.

And right there in the lobby a Starbucks,
this really made me happy.

So now when customers ask what
show should I go to Dallas is one
I also suggest.
Right across the street from the
be very convenient to the market
it is a beautiful hotel. 

It is big and grand with warm hospitality.
After a long working day nothing better
than dinner with friends.  This is part
of the Aidan Gray gang.  Lucha Bott who
is my counter part in Northern Califnornia.
Dennis Brito, the showroom manager in
Atlanta who does double duty at the
Dallas show.  That handsome guy on the
end is Derrick Ricketts the national
sales manager for Aidan Gray.

This beautiful plate was enjoyed at
Parigi Restaurant
3311 Oak Lawn Ave.
Only about a 10 minutes drive
from the market.  I recommend it
highly.  Good food with good friends
in a nice setting. 

Another place I went was the
Meddlesome Moth
1621 Oak Lawn Ave.

Same neighborhood, a little larger and
noisy but very good food and service.
These are the original stained glass
windows from the original Hard Rock Cafe.

This is the last thing I saw as
I got in the cab heading to the airport to
 come home.  Dallas is one of kind
and worth the trip.

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