Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Seeing the new collection from
aways makes me happy.  They added
a new weave called wavy stripe in a soft
honeycomb weave.  It is the same
100% natural cotton fibre that we have
grown to love.  The more you wash it
the softer it becomes.

Beautiful canvas bag to match, great
for the beach or as a trendy accessory
with any casual outfit.

The color pallet is breath taking.
There is a mix of cotton canvas styles, that
can be used as a throw, shawl, tablecloth,
and the honeycomb foutas that are great for
drying after a shower or swim. Mixing textures
as well as patterns and colors, create
a unique look at home.

All of the new hot colors have been
represented thoughout the collection

Black, white, grey and nuetrals continue
to be big sellers

taupe is a new introduction and it
will become a staple

I have included some wonderful display
ideas collected from SCENTS AND FEEL
customers all over the United States.
I love the creativity that the line inspires.

Baby has not been forgotten.  A darling
gift set of four pieces are now available
in 3 colors.  Fun and sophisticated for
the chic baby of today.

Bath day can also be a little more
special with the help of a soft
absorbent fouta.  Zoe loves it.

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