Monday, February 20, 2012


There are so many great things to look at
in this room vignette at DK LIVING.
Starting at the top with the fabulous
iron hammered pendants.

A little drama is good and this gold
gilt mirror adds that drama
 I like the use of the natural wood and
leather pieces.  I think they help soften the
room and makes it warm, inviting and earthy.

Metals are always very prevalent, these
stainless steal lanterns have always
been a favorite.

I love this aluminum tray of
candle holders.  It would be
a great centerpiece with just
a couple of candles for color.

 Multi colored votives are striking
with the metal and glass pieces.

I was impressed on how realistic
the faux slate looked and the prices
are also appealing.

White ceramics in all shapes


Some beautiful glass bottles

Lighting is an important category
and DK LIVING always has some
spectacular chandeliers.

As serious as all of the furniture and
accessories are, one of the joys
of seeing the new introductions is
the fun side of the line.  I was
not disappointed this time around.

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