Sunday, January 22, 2012


Happy New Years.  It has been a busy and crazy
couple of months so I have been away from my
blog, but now I am back.
I never feel like the year has started until I have
been to the Atlanta Gift Show.  I just got back and
it was wonderful as usual and a little more
exciting for me with the additional of my two new
lines.  I was looking forward to seeing the new
rugs from DASH & ALBERT.  I wasn't the least
bit disappointed.  The CMA showroom looked
great as usual.

The largest introductions were in the indoor/outdoor
category, this being the fastest growing in the
company.  I could not wait to see the new
thicker rope collection that are all solid colors.
This is a first for DASH AND ALBERT,

and I think will open up a whole new market.
The white and Ivory are wonderful, especially
when you realize how easy they are to clean.
Not to worry about that, take them
out in the yard and hose them off.

to coordinate with the solids there are two
new stripes.

and a beautiful light blue

with matching bags and throws

and a dark brown called charcoal

and one of my favorites, platinum that
is in the grey family.

There are also some great color combinations
in the ever popular woven cotton rugs.

Love the brights in the bags.  Can't help
but start to think of spring.

If you prefer pastels, these are a nice choice.

Cotton Micro-hooked rugs weren't left out
either.  What a great look for a
family room, game room, also for
a contemporary look with sleek
modern furniture

and something a little more traditional

The brindle stripe is very popular
in the tufted wool rugs and I think
this new dusty plum will be a hit.

I hope your as excited about these new rugs
as I am.  Contact me if you have any questions
or would like one of the new catalogs.

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