Monday, August 1, 2011


My two favorite colors, black and white.  You might
say this is kind of boring, well not
if you look at the new introductions
They are rich and vibrant colors.
All of the fouta's which measure
38" x 78" come in a guest
towel size 20" x 28"
The versatility of these towels, throws,
wraps or whatever you decide to call
them is endless.

There is a new herringbone in black
with white stripes and a white fringe

and the reverse, I did a close up
so you could see how lush this looks.

The natural collection has been
updated with the addition of
the stripe on the left.
The same collection in the guest towels

The stripes are smaller in the guest towels

Grey is becoming a popular choice
in home decor and what we wear.
You can put any color with it and it pops.

Any of these could be added to the grey
collection, dusty rose and eggplant
mix well.

Fall with a little brightness to it.

I really like the combination of chartreuse
and turquoise

Beige has been added to the line and
it is a really nice beige, it has some
life to it.  They also paired it
with black in this rustic honeycomb weave.

One of my favorite new introductions
is the Fouta with Gold accent.
These would be a beautiful throw
or large runner for the table.
They are 38" x 78".

There are also several new tablecloth
in Jacquard.  This strip is 70" x 100".
It is subtle with a little burst of
A little more elegant with the white
background with stripes of grey and

Another tablecloth that could also
be a bed cover or thrown over a sofa.

They have added some wonderful
scarves and shawls that I will
cover in a later blog.  Let me know if you
have any questions regarding these items.

showing at the New York Gift Show
the middle of August, at Jacob Javitz
space #8034.  If your going I strongly
suggest stopping by, there is nothing
like seeing this entire collection together.
You will also have the pleasure of
meeting and working with my friend

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