Thursday, July 14, 2011


I am in very hot Atlanta for the fall
gift/furniture show. At 8:00 p.m. it is 86 degrees. Another reason to love Southern Ca. it always cools down at night no matter how hot it is
in the day. But I didn't come here for the
weather, I came to see new product
and share it with my customers who didn't come. 

I am starting at SUGARBOO DESIGNS.
I was pleased to see that they
have a wide range of new product.

This is the Hello series, all 14" x 18"
with the same color and materials of
the popular You Are My Sunshine piece.

 is like a collage of portions of other pieces
that you might be familiar with
 and it measures 36" x 48"

Another large piece 36" x 48" is
This is the Beginning
Always keep is 22" x 34"

A little touch of whimsy is
Honey Bunny  25" x 17

If you need to add a little color
to your life Sing Your Song
might be just the thing
24" x 20"

Another colorful piece is
Excuse me While I kiss
24" x 28"

I think this metal heart is a sure
winner.  The driftwood heart
has been but I think this one has
even broader appeal.

It measures approximately 24" x 18"
and extends about 9" from the wall

A cut out electrical light
that says You are My Sunshine
is a nice additional to the line

I am particularly fond of
this collection.  They are
8" x 8" and are sold
individually but could be used
in a multitude of ways

Some you will recognize from
larger pieces.  This collection
will be expanded in the future.
Really cute in a baby's room.

If you have the space this is a fun
way to show the new postcards.
It could be done just as effective
on a smaller scale.

The paper products have been
very good sellers.  I am happy
that this has been expanded.
It makes a nice little pick up item.

I thought this was a nice way to
show the pillows.  No new styles
but there are lots to choice from.

Feel free to contact me with any
questions or prices on what I have shown
here as well as other Sugarboo products.

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