Sunday, June 5, 2011


I stopped by ROLLING GREEN   to congratulate 
them for being a visual merchandising  
finalist in NYC's 'Gifts & Decorative Accessories:
2011 Retailer Excellence Awards. 
It is easy to see why they received the
nomination.  I was struck by this fabulous
display in the kitchen/entertaining
area of the store.  They have strung together
over 3000 tea bags.

It creates a very unique backdrop
for a large space that is sometimes
hard to cover.
It made me think of the huge brick
wall my house faces.  I started to
fantasize on what I could do with my wall
and knew this is the place to get some ideas.
I would love the tea bags but not
very practical for an outside space.

We use to have a beautiful wall of ivy
but lost that last year during a 
windy rain storm. 
Now we have a clean canvas.
I love all of these old windows
 have hung overlapping each other.
A large window pane mirror is also a great idea
for a large wall. It could be an
interesting effect.

A vintage metal or wood clock
or even several in different sizes.
The older the better.

This could be a on going project,
collecting a variety of sizes and shapes
of bird houses.  I would have
to figure our how to secure them
to my brick wall but with all the
creative people I know that shouldn't
be a problem.
Thank you to ROLLING GREEN for
giving me all of these great ideas to think about.

This is Sophie another good reason
to stop the store.