Sunday, July 11, 2010


I have seen some nice FERMOBUSA

displays in my travels lately both unexpected

 and expected.  A few weeks ago when we were

in the Central Coast we went to

have lunch in San Luis Obispo and

much to my pleasure when we walked out

to their beautiful patio there was an

abundance of Fermob.

The combination of the red chairs

with the green tables was very striking.

On another patio they did a mix of colors

and took advantage of Fermobs great color pallet.

In the waiting area they used the Dune chair

in several colors.  I give the designer credit for

not playing it safe when it came to color.

In the California Starbuck's they

are replacing their worn outdoor furniture

with the Luxemborug in Anodic Grey

This one is in  Santa Barbara,

the employees had to put up with 

me telling them all about  the great features

of their new furniture.

One of the first places I saw FERMOBUSA

in a commercial setting was at when I

started selling the line was

Catherine Malandrino's beautiful store

and cafe in Los Angeles 

The Luxembourg chair in my favorite

color Verbena made me slam

on my brakes when I first spotted it.

At the  DWELL MAGAZINE event

VIESSO a very modern furniture store in

Santa Monica displayed the very traditional

Bistro set in red, which turned it contemporary

NATHAN TURNER  the noted West Hollywood

designer did a nice combination of color

The Cobalt Blue Luxembourg chairs matched

with the Anodic Gray table is a sophisticated look.

EMPTY VASE  took the very French classic

1900"s set and gave it an update with color

A very cute bench in Peony Pink gives it

a feminine look.

Two popular colors Carrot and Aniseed Green

were great choices.

Too much of a good think can be wonderful.
                                     Mae West

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  1. J'adore those last two table... ooooh the orange and green are FAB and the pink bench oooh la la!!!